CrazyThing Art – Robert Beatty is a Musician, Visual Artist, and Airbrush Artist

If you’re looking for a way to adorn your walls or ceiling with beautiful airbrush art, then it’s a great idea to check out some of the artists on CrazyThing Art. This site features paintings by some of the most famous and popular names in the industry, including Robert Beatty, Freddie Venezia, Kevin Barry, and more. Find out more about each artist and their style, as well as how you can purchase their work.

Freddie Venezia

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Robert Beatty

A Lexington, Kentucky resident, Robert Beatty is a musician, visual artist, and airbrush artist who creates digital illustrations. His work has appeared in the New York Times, Wired Magazine, and other publications. He has been commissioned by a variety of musicians and artists to create album art, tour visuals, merchandise designs, and show posters.

While he’s never attended an art school, Beatty says his artistic tastes have been shaped by many factors. One of his main influences was a series of weird, independent animations from the ’70s called Liquid Television. Another was the television show Mad Magazine.

Using a combination of digital techniques and hand drawn illustration, Beatty has created a distinct visual style. Incorporating elements of retro typography and cosmic, airbrushed imagery, his work often features orbs against unorthodox lines. These spliced snippets of data are accompanied by grain and filters that add noise.

Beatty has recently collaborated with Daniel Lopatin on the album cover for Oneohtrix Point Never. The collaborative piece is scheduled for release next week.

Kevin Barry

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