What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform?

What Services Can a Commercial Locksmith Perform?

Commercial Locksmith Services can help you with many different security systems. These include barrier free systems, biometric access and keyless entry systems. They can also rekey locks and install new hardware.

There are times when a business needs its locks replaced or rekeyed. A professional locksmith can do both of these without compromising your security.


A commercial locksmith is a specialist who provides services for businesses and other large properties. These locksmiths are experienced in handling large-scale locking mechanisms and have specialised tools that help them work on such systems. They also provide rekeying and replacement services for existing locks. This is important in cases of staff turnover, as you never know who might have access to your business premises.

They can also install new locks and create master key systems for your company. This is a vital step to ensure that only you have access to your important documents, inventory, and equipment. They can also advise you on what type of lock upgrades to consider, such as digital locks that are more secure than traditional ones.

They can also install panic bars, which are a must-have for schools and hospitals. They can prevent a stampede by making it easy for people to exit the building during an emergency. These devices are installed on doors that require quick evacuation, such as fire doors or emergency exits.


As business owners know, protecting your company’s assets and equipment is a top priority. Commercial locksmith services can provide upgrades to your current security system to prevent damage and theft, or install a new one completely. This can include keyless entries, high-security locks, and other security measures that can help you keep your business safe.

A commercial locksmith can also install a master key system. This is a great option for businesses that want to have a higher level of security while still having the ability to grant access to certain employees or managers. The locksmith can even create a spare master key for emergencies or disasters.

When choosing a commercial locksmith, make sure to ask for their credentials and references. This will ensure that you’re getting the best service from someone who is experienced and trustworthy. It’s also important to find out how much their services cost before hiring them. You don’t want to end up with a bad lock or unprofessional work, which could cost you more than it would to hire an experienced locksmith in the first place.

Home security

Over the last couple of years, technology has improved many things, including home security. Locksmiths can help you upgrade your home’s security by installing new locks and keyless entry systems. They can also help you explore your options, such as alarms and cameras. Home security measures can also include practices, such as locking doors and windows, keeping pets on leashes, and not leaving extra keys outside.

A commercial locksmith can also repair or replace door hardware, such as hinges and electric strikes. They can install panic exit devices (crash bars) in commercial buildings, which can be used to evacuate the building during a fire or other emergency. These are particularly important in schools and hospitals.

A locksmith business can grow with targeted market research and a strong business plan. They should also secure general liability insurance, which covers the costs of property damage caused by a locksmith’s work. They should also use software like Upper Route Planner to optimize and automate their routes, reducing travel times and improving productivity.

Business security

Businesses need to take security measures to protect their people and property. They need a locksmith that is experienced in working on commercial locks, and can also handle emergency callouts. A commercial locksmith can install or repair a variety of security measures including a master key system, panic exit devices, and alarm systems. They can also upgrade existing locks to more secure ones.

If you’re thinking about starting a business as a professional locksmith, you should research the local competition, market demand, and licensing requirements. You should also develop a financial contingency plan for one-time startup costs and ongoing expenses.

For example, you should consider purchasing a business telephone line and all-in-one apps that simplify and streamline your operations. This can help you cater to customer expectations, save time, and grow your business faster. These apps include features for scheduling, accounting, billing, and reviewing. They can also help you manage your customer base, and improve efficiency and profitability.